Looking For a Shop Builder

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by ArkWarrior1, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. I am wanting my shop to be built and I need someone that is a very skilled and creative builder. Here is what I want:
    I want a very modern skyscraper. Lots of glass and hardened clay and snow. I want it to be a max 40x40 square, but it doesn't have to be a square/rectangle. The dominant color needs to be light. Glowstone for the lighting. 15 floors with 5 blocks of air space from floor to roof. The floors can't just be one solid color. I want patterns. They don't have to be all different, but I want a couple patterns. Color Coding for floors is not needed. You will need to supply the stuff. Lots of windows, but not all glass. Spruce and Birch wood are my favorite types of wood to use. If this shop were to get built after Empire updates, I want acacia and dark oak wood implemented a lot as well as the colored glass. This will be built on smp2 on res 3425. If you need any more details, put them in the comments.
    PM me if you want to do it or have any questions.
  2. I could do this, PM me and we can discuss.
  3. ok
  4. BTW: I would use Eclipsys, but he is out of business atm and Alex's Prices are OUTRAGOUS!
  5. I only have 115k to spend on this so, yea. And I changed the number of floors and space in between the floors. :) Hope that helps
  6. I could do this if you were to provide the money for the materials.
    How colorful do you wan it?
  7. colorful meaning? and the 115k I supply would cover a good amount of the materials and if that wouldn't be enough, I would probably be able to pay you for more.
  8. It's only been an hour. Don't you think that's a little early for a bump?
  9. Id do it. The materials would cost a buttload of money so it might not be worth the amount you are offering
  10. so will you do it or not?