Looking for a seed! 1k reward

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  1. Hello all, soon I'll be attempting a LP (yeah, I'm jumping on the boat with everyone else). I've been planning this for a bit, but the one thing that has held me back is the seed. I can't find one that suits me needs, and when that happens, I just pay someone to do it :p

    So, what I'm looking for:

    Village with some good starting gear (diamonds would be nice, but it's ok if there are none)- <400 blocks from spawn

    Skeleton or zombie spawner somewhat near the surface- within 100 blocks from the village

    For this I' offering 1000 rupees, thanks.
  2. Please, i am not kidding, this is the seed:
    (Without the !)
    It has a spawner next to spawn, and it has a village with diamonds in it
  3. I find this a little cheap for a LP, as its pretty much says you don't want to try, so I suggest that you just go with a random seed.
  4. Duhfugh?
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  5. yep.
    Chimneyswift11 reviewed the seed
    EDIT: i'm lawling so hard JK xD
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  6. Ah yes, that there seems like a very fine village. And I simply adore the lush, rolling hills!
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  8. "Herobrine" is a great seed.
  9. Here are the points of intrest for the seed:
    From spawn, if you go behind you, and across the river, you will run into a village with this:
    Coming from spawn, to the left of the village, is a little hole:
    If you go down the LEFT side, go right, and dig straight down, you will run into a ravine.
    And some where in the ravine is a zombie dungon, with nothing special in it
  10. Look up craftdan on YouTube. His lets play has him by a village and a double mobspawner below where he made his house
  11. Here you go... Not exactly all you asked for tho..... all i could find, if you need more seeds:
  12. Eh, many people pre-choose seeds for servers and LPs (jl2579 is a notable example, his server seed has a quad witchhut, stronghold in the middle of it, and a mooshroom island right next to it...), so I decided that it wouldn't hurt that much.
    Chose this one- spawner is so close to the village and the desert temple nearby has a silk touch book. I'll pay you tomorrow- it's late where I am.
  13. Im fine with that, remember if you need any more seeds, go to that link ;)
  14. Un-lazied myself, and bothered to go downgrade my minecraft to 1.4.7 and paid you. Thanks for the seed, reporting this thread now that it's not needed :)
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