Looking for a Rental Tux

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  1. Hey guys, so as you know #cutiemelkiew73 is coming up. (http://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-wedding-cutemelkiew73.35471/) And I would like to look my best for the occasion. I am very bad at skin making so if possible, could someone be a tailor and find the best suit for me?
    My Req.:
    Must keep my face the same, hair color may be changed to a blonde or brunette (or somewhere in between preferably)
    Must be a very nice tux, but not better than the Groom's.

    If I need to make a few changes I will before the party, but for the most part I will keep the skin the same. Thanks :)
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  2. At least a 10k charge
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  3. Oh that's right, price details...
    Uh, I can only afford 5k. :3
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  4. I could get you a free tuxedo. I have a good suit design and I will plop on a bow. Do you prefer a bow tie or a normal standard tie? Also, what color?
  5. I'd prefer a tie please. A light blue color would be good :)
    Thanks so much :D
  6. Also, what suit color? Light brown, grey, or black?
  7. I like a nice grey suit :cool:
    It makes me feel, stylish.
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