Looking for a redstone expert.

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  1. Hey guys, I need some one to help me make a decently fast piston door that is at floor level or one block lower. I am not very good at redstone and don't have the time to research or build a 2x3 piston door. If someone could help me with this that would be great. I'll pay up to 5k for this job considering it only a small 2x3 piston door. You can go to 2669 on smp1 to see what I am talking about. Just head into the birch building and look behind the desk. I need redstone done to make a trap door fall down into my basement.
  2. I should probably add that no redstone can't be underneath the door because it'll block the chute. All redstone has to be one block under the door and inside the wall.
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  3. I didn't get it, it is a regular 2x3 door or a trap door on the floor?
  4. I checked your house and I know a design that works for that. I would need 20 sticky pistons and roughly one pack of redstone and smooth stone. Also, how do you want it powered? Lever, pressure plate or button?
  5. I want it powered by a button. If you can do it that would be great! I really don't have any experience with redstone so i can get you the supplies and I will message you privately on the forums and we can work on this later.
  6. Ok, message me when you're ready.
  7. Ive actually found a video instructing me on how to make a door like the one I need. So thanks for offering to help me out but i don't really need it now. Sorry :\
  8. That's fine