[LOOKING] for a promo supplier

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  1. Hello EMC members,
    I have a promo shop, But it doesn't do very well due to higher prices then competitors, because I don't have a promo supplier. I would like someone who could supply me with promos to sell at less then other competitors (for example BanditLM's shop :D XD ) I am really sorry if this is in the wrong section
  2. I would suggest buying off who ever is looking to sell collections, there is no real promo supplier, its more or less people who is selling like a one time sell, not a constant sell...
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  3. What finch said^

    Promos are not a renewable resource, so you can't have a supplier.

    You could have somebody that buys and sells them for you, but at that point, you could just do it yourself :p
  4. im selling my promos