looking for a person!

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  1. im looking for a person that will vote for me every day if you can do that msg me! i will pay you 200 r a day for doing it
  2. Umm.. that's kinda rude. You should be able to vote on your own. If you don't know how, just go to www.vote/emc.gs for help. All you have to do is press a link to vote, and type your username. Then do what they ask for. Also, please look at the rules at www.rules/emc.gs. Apparently you didn't read them.
  3. This isn't rude at all, it is just someone who may be too busy, lazy, or bad at voting. But he still wants to help EMC with his vote. Many people have others vote for them.
    Maybe vote some more before you judge others:
  4. Offering to pay someone to vote for you is not against the rules. If I remember correctly, spy has a family member that plays on EMC. They may have troubles getting votes to go through if they have changed names as well.
  5. actually its my alt that i like never use xD and im just looking for someone on to do it on my Main account
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  6. bump i still someone to