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  1. Ok first of all organic builder.... yea i heard these are the type of builders that build mythological stuff or/ non-normal stuff but anyways.. I'am looking for a builder who can build a dragon ranging from small - medium size that will fit in a 60x60 res. If you have built one and still have a save world of it take screenshots from different angles and/or take a small recording of it and post it here or you can build one after seeing this post doesn't really matter :). If a good one turns up I'am willing to pay 10,000 r for it to be built on my res maybe more if its really hits me that I got to have it and of course the builder will have credits. Thank you for all post/responses :) I will post an update if i eventually find one i like :). (The dragon can be any type of dragon you want even an Ender dragon)
  2. I suggest you go to utopia (you can visit residences in utopia as a free member, you just can't claim a res or go to the wild) and visit res 5375. It belongs to dMoshe and he has some amazing dragons on his res. He hasnt been on in 110 days, so I hardly think he will mind if you borrow his designs. I believe everyone has move perms on his res, so you can walk around and get an idea on how to build one yourself. Also, the dragons on his res look just as cool from above on the livemap/reis minimap as you can see in the upper righthand corner of this screenshot of his res:
  3. Ty :) and believe me I'll try but I've tried before by save worlds from youtube videos and always failed :p
  4. Well, if you ask me its totally doable. If you're like me the challenge itself would be entertaining. And since you can personally go to this guys res and walk around his creations and see it from all angles in 360 degrees it shouldnt be that difficult to replicate or at the very least give you some ideas and get your creative juices flowing. Even if you attempt and dont it %100 right, the process of trying it once will make any further attempts easier and you can perfect your own version of it... improving it here and there and tweeking the design. You'll never know till you try.

    Just go visit his res and walk around, I bet you'll walk away with an idea on where to start on your own dragon.
  5. hmmm i have no idea how to quote people lol x.x but anyways i just went on got a headache and left :p i get closer views on saved worlds cause on save worlds i can fly in creative xD. But anyways you might be right in 1 way tho... the snake dragon in the water is giving me a fountain idea xD
  6. Im a great builder with wool i created a mall with wool and many mansions! So if you need me im going to need to get payed cause im a good builder:)
  7. Coolz but the question is can you build a dragon? thats the point of the thread I appreciate the offer but I don't need a builder for buildings/mansion/mall. :) If you can build a dragon please do so in creative and take a screenshot and post it here. I will be paying money to anyone who can build a dragon right now its 10,000 but if i find someone who is very epic like i like the dragon build they did so much that i really need it for realz then i would pay 20,000r + but it has to be really good for me to even consider it paying 10k+ for it :)
  8. Try Skywarp or IamfutureTrunks they might help
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