Looking for a new Diamond Pickaxe with Fortune III and Unbreaking III

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  1. Looking for a new Diamond Pickaxe with Fortune III and Unbreaking III
    Fixed price: 7500r
  2. Raised the fixed price a little.
  3. If you don't ever get that price, there's one on smp5 at 10025
  4. Too cheap, I have loads of fortunes but I can't get online ATM
  5. I think it should worth 15-20 k
  6. Agreed, mines just a little under that :)
  7. Wait are you saying you have one for 16k. I'm happy :)
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  8. I could.. Maybe 17.5; it has effic IV also..
  9. who cares about effiency i just want the fortune.
  10. No? It's not worth 15k LOL. 7.5k is a fine price. Efficiency on a fortune III unbreaking III does not increase the price by a single rupee. Assuming you only use fortune III on the blocks that you are supposed to use it on, efficiency does not add any extra value to such pick.
  11. okay fine i raise the price from 7.5 to 8k. Take that common sense!
  12. Well.. Yeah, it does mate
  13. stop ruining my dream of mining 3 cobble at a time :(
  14. I have a fortune III unbreaking III efficiency IV for 12.5k because I personally think efficiency makes it less valuable
  15. To me. Less than 10k is not a fine price for fortune III + eff III :p
    It's call Super super cheap price.
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  16. ill sell unbreaking III+fortuneIII 8k
  17. Oh good lord. :D :D
  18. I remind you guys this is gangstha's thread so trade with him:)
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  19. Muffin consider your Pick SOLD :)