Looking for a Mall Partner

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  1. Hey everyone, as you know I am the owner of 202.
    It's STILL incomplete at this time I am posting, for a few reasons.
    One of them being I need help with supplies (netherbrick mostly)
    Another is that once the actual build is finished, I need help stocking and maintaining the mall.
    So that's why I am looking for a mall partner.
    Please PM me if interested, and once I am finished building the actual mall, I will respond to the winner.
    You MUST be a friend of mine.
    You MUST be in town on smp 1 (not in the wild/wastelands)
    You may not own another mall on smp 1

    Good luck to everyone; hoping I find people interested ;)
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  2. Found da second half.
    Can a moderator please close this thread?
    Thanks :p