Looking for a lot of tnt

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  1. Wanting to dig pretty far down, and quickly.
  2. I used about 30 stacks of it xD to dig to the bottom.

    Try 3456 TNT and gunpowder, 4421 for gunpowder, 4443 possibly. All on SMP2 :)
  3. 8914 on SMP4, i got about 55 TNT in stock cheaply.
  4. If you're needing it NOW, /v Azoundria.
  5. All empty, and gangsta your spawn is at the bottom of a shaft i cant get out of >.>
  6. Even Leo - 3456?
  7. He's had about two or three when I went back :/ I'll check all again today though.
  8. If you have the supplies just give me them on smp1 at 1705 and Ill craft it for free
  9. or... put an access sign above it to make sure you wont steal... just sayin :p
  10. Im not the stealing type but Ill do this anyways. Just in case a dive bomber-wanna be jumps in and steals the tnt;)
  11. I know ho to craft it. THe supplies are just what i need to get now
  12. Ok
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  13. Naw I'm sayin put access to HIM ONLY lol
  14. No I mean if I put it on the ground and then the dive bomber jumps in