Looking for a Landscaper!

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  1. I am in need of a person who has the ability to create a beautiful garden on my res, 18001.
    The Garden must align with the EMC Militia HQ (I'll show you what I mean if you are hired_
    I am willing to pay 4,000r for anybody to create this. I will supply ALL materials, and you will be given build/container on the res.

    The Garden Must frame the Militia HQ

    Please post a comment if you are able to do this job. If you have any example you could show, that would be great. I will provide further details and supplies once you are hired :)

  2. I could do this and get it finished within a week, I got state testing this week so would be a little slow.
  3. I can do it too... i can do it right now if you like. I am fully available and love to decorate
  4. Shon talked to me in-game, so i hired him. Sorry QuaterShop :(