Looking For a Job?

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  1. Well you've come to the right place!

    There is a LIST of jobs available!

    So what jobs are there?

    Check out the jobs list! It will be updated often for the jobs.

    Job: Delivery man
    Description: Deliver supplies I give you to miners/gatherers
    in the wild.
    Benefits: None
    Requirements: Feet and patience
    Pay: up to 5000r per deliver, depending on the urgency/distance
    Normal deliveries go for 300r a delivery.
    Note: You will not ALWAYS have a delivery
    So don't expect this as a full time job.
    Positions: 5

    Job: Miner
    Description: Someone to mine diamonds only.
    Benefits:Free Food, Free Tools, Free Armor, Free Home, Free Supplies
    Requirements: Be good at mining, and be very efficient.
    Pay: Based on how many diamonds are brought back.
    There is really no limit on the pay. Could be 10r, or 100000r.
    Note: Delivery men will be delivering you food, and supplies as requested.

    Positions: Infinite

    Job: Manager
    Description: Manage all the mining, and deliveries.
    Benefits: Lead a lot of people, Free Food, Free Home.
    Requirements: Have already worked for me, Great leading skills.
    Pay: Based on how good the miners and deliveries have gone.
    If they all have been successful then a high pay, If problems
    then low pay. from 500-5000 a day
    Note: ONLY apply if you HAVE worked for me.
    Positions: 1


    1. Experience in what your applying:
    2. Time you can work
    3. your res and smp #
  2. delivering
    i can work from 6am to 6pm eastern
  3. Hired. I will contact you as deliveries are needed.