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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pateraterick, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. I am building (possibly) the largest resort in the sky!More info

    Work at 4090 Smp2

    i need the following:

    5x5 hole to bedrock 55r (equipment supplied)
    5x5 hole to bedrock 75r (equipment not supplied)
    9x9 hole to bedrock 75r (equipment supplied)
    9x9 hole to bedrock 95r (equipment not supplied)

    -Landscape Designer
    Payment depends on work

    -Redstone project builders
    Payment depends on work

    -Pixel artist
    40r for 1 simple pixel art (e.g. shovel, pick exe) (equipment not supplied)
    60r for 1 simple pixel art (e.g. shovel, pick exe) (equipment supplied)

    Comment Below If you are interested!
  2. I would like to volenterre unde 9x9 hole with exuitment
    i only work thirty min a day.
  3. Ok i will hopefully be on on Monday, gmt 11+,
    if you grief, you will be banned!
  4. Ok i promise i will net greaf.
  5. p.s do you bring ur own shovel?
  6. I live im smp 6 so no i cant.
  7. u know u can go on the other servers
  8. right so i will supply you with shovels!
  9. But you can not bring items into a other server.
  10. *Coughs* ./purchase vault *Coughs*
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  11. I would be interested in any of the digger postions im not good at pixel art and redstone and designing.
  12. Ok, i will meet you (hopefull) today or Monday on Smp2!
  13. I want to help with some redstone projects!
    Let me now what!
  14. I don't trust others with build flags in my opinion
  15. Yea, i normally does a quick research on each person i hires:)

  16. Im great at redstone, but ill take any diggy diggy hole projects...preferrablly the 5x5 first just to get started xD but call em up fo all yo redstone needs xD especially doors!
  17. I'll do the 9x9 without equipment. I'm in SMP8 but i prefer to not use shovels unless it is required.
  18. i can be the head redstone engineer! :) or is it taken...