Looking For a job, and your low on Rupees comethe M&D's wood supplier's Shop

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  1. The job is lumberjack at smp5 res 10181 , just talk to me or murrgetter if we are on, we pay 20 or 25 ruppee for every 64 logs you chop. its a time consuming job but the trees are endless to a sense on 2 1\2 res.

    Before coming to ask for a job some requirments
    1. Bring your own axe's
    2. Return the saplings you pick you
    3. Please no greifing or burning are trees down, "someone has all ready been ban from doing this"

    If you love the job or making some rupees or We like your effort. we will offer you a permanent job at your res, and seem you are a respectable person.

    also if want outside advice ask Rainbowdashier or angel5150 both long time workers for us.
    The time we are on is kinda off the wall times. Im on mostly 5pm-11pm Central Mountain Time,USA so is Murrgetter.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.