Looking For a Investor

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  1. Hello all i hope you had a better day than me.
    I am starting a new business a party rental company and need a partner pm me in game or send me a pm via forums

  2. A what...? Needs more explaining for me... A party rental company for Minecraft..?
  3. No it's real life
  4. Wait, this is a real business?
  5. Um...not to be rude or anything, but I don't think you're going to find an investor for a real business on a Minecraft server's forums.
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  6. Guys, I assume this is in reference to something ingame, like a drop party room.
  7. Pretty sure sean was joking, doubt it would be real life :p
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  8. Thank you Builder. Also I'm curious about your "ban"
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  9. its not a real business check out datzmines services drop party rentals its a much cheaper version of that
  10. oh, ok. that makes a lot more sense. Ill make a donation, but I don't want to be a long term investor/partner.
  11. thanks I'm on right now
  12. you can come to my res or mail it to me'
  13. i won't be on until tomorrow, ill just pay you.