Looking for a hotel/room/island ? Click here!

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  1. 4090 @ smp2 is providing smp2's (possibly) most rooms for rent and buy!

    -Floating Islands 50% off till 19/4*

    -The Nether Island (Finish and ready to Move in)
    approx. 400 blocks of land!
    2 chests
    4 cooking stoves
    1 work bench

    *Rent Now For Only
    100r a Week (7 days)
    200r a fortnight (14 days)
    300r a Month (30 days)

    Buy Now For Only 25% off

    4.5k Forever!

    -More Islands Coming


    -house No.1

    70r a Week (7 days)
    140r a fortnight (14 days)
    200r a Month (30 days)


    -More Houses/ hotels coming!
    comment below to buy/rent !