Looking for a graphic artist.

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  1. Hello there, and I need 2 things Photoshop-ed. I need a skin edited, and a wallpaper to have a higher quality. The skin is a phoenix skin, and I would like it to be the same, except blue. For the wallpaper, it's rather blurry, and I need it clearer. Skin and wallpaper are attached.

    Skin: 500r
    Wallpaper: 2,500r

    Payment will be given to the best skin/wallpaper, of the first one I'm happy with.
    For the wallpaper, I know it is clear as is, but I want it clear at wallpaper size.

    ~Qwerty189Qwerty189's Head

    phoenix.png Phoenix Wallpaper.jpg
  2. As far as I remember, there is only one texture for arms (and legs) and it's used for both right and left.

    I did 6 individual passes on various sized/detailed phoenixes. I'm losing the will to go on.
    I'll try more in the morning, I guess.
  3. I don't think an image can be magically unblurred.
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  4. that's why I need photoshop. I need detail to be added to the full size thing. I'm looking for someone to add detail by hand.
  5. Also, sorry for the double post, but skin guidelines changed.
  6. Wait, do you want the skin all blue or half blue and half orange/red/yellow?
  7. How's this?
    sketch (2) - Copy - Copy.png
    Edit: You can right-click it and save it as a .png if needed.
  8. A bit too aquamarine, please make it a bit darker of a blue.
  9. How's this?
    sketch 3.png
    I can edit it a bit more if needed.
  10. I'll take that as a challenge... Here's your magically unblurred wallpaper:

    I'll take a stab at the skin too.

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  11. Wait, when did he even upload the wallpaper? I've been waiting the whole time.
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  12. It was tiny, at the bottom of his original message.

    Also, here's my take on the skin. It's not quite what you asked for, but I thought it looked good. Use it if you'd like :) Try SkinCraft to see what it looks like without having to upload it to MC.

    <------ (since it took me forever to find the little picture in your post, HERE IT IS)
  13. so are you happy with what I did?
  14. Dude. That is flipping awesome.
    So is that. Nice job.
    I might use the skin if he doesn't like it... :p
    EDIT- that wallpaper just made my iPad lock screen :p
  15. Currently, I am trying this on.
    O,O Mind... blown... This... is... amazing...

    I have decided to use both skins given to me, and the wallpaper. Payments:
    Supereskimo: 250r
    JabrZer0: 2,750r
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  16. OMYGOD. WUT. WUT. sorry, mind blow,
  17. Eh, oh well. I'm lazy. :p
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