Looking for a good way to saperate rabbit babies

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  1. So decided to come to the forum's for some brain storming idea's. I am trying to breed rabbit's to make egg's with out having to kill off the parent's. Right now I have a pretty good way of separating cow & sheep from there parent's, but it won't work for rabbit's and chicken's.

    Any and all help would be awesome.
  2. I can't take credit for the concept, because I picked up the idea of using the fences from someplace online, while browsing different farm builds, but the build below works. The dropper has a water bucket in it. You feed the rabbits to get them to breed, then press the button. The water is released and it washes the rabbits towards the fences, where the babies fall through because of their small size. I suppose you could just have a deeper pit below the fences, but I chose to put water there that pushes them into an adjacent pen (not shown; it's just an open area).

  3. I going to give this a try. Thank you so much.
  4. No problem.

    I should mention that I meant to say "dispenser", not "dropper". It needs to be a dispenser, because a dropper will just kick out the water bucket as an item, rather then release flowing water.