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  1. I'm am looking for a good Animal farm DISIGN (willing to pay upto 125) also I'm looking for good digers willing to pay upto 250 for a BIG area or 150 per two chests
  2. I have 4 automated farms ( or as automated as I can get - which basically means I have plant seeds for wheat only ) in my basement if you want to look.
  3. Thanks, I'll pay you 100r if I can check it out!please. What server are you in
  4. Damm I mean animal farm
  5. You dont need to pay anything. My server and lot# are at the bottom of my post. Just go straight, and turn left before the garden area. You should find it.
  6. Forget everything I just said. I dont have any animals. :D
  7. Lol I ment an animal farm:D but I'll still check it out