Looking For A Gaming Partner

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jeanzl2000, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Hello There.
    I am Looking for a Gaming Partner.
    Now OrangePie, You're my Minecraft Friend, But We all know you can't handle Bf3 xD

    So I am looking to play with someone who Lives Around the EST Timezone and has No life

    You should have a skype, Origin, and Steam Account and have games like BF3, TF2, Tekkit/Minecraft. Also A Mic.
    I would also like it if You had a screen capture software to record because I would like to post the stuff to youtube.
    So Requirements:
    Mic (For Let's Plays and Commentaries)
    Steam Account
    Origin Account
    Skype Account
    Minecraft Account-If you don't why are you reading this xD
    Battlefield 3 (Prefered as I would like to do some machinimas)
    Team Fortress 2 (It's Free)
    A Screen Capture Software
    A Google Account (So we can share gameplay)

    Also It would be cool if You had a youtube Channel so we can each give each other trafic
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  2. Count me in
    i dont have bf3 or origin account :/
  3. Mic (For Let's Plays and Commentaries): Yeah
    Steam Account: Somewhere
    Origin Account: Huh?
    Skype Account: nfell2009
    Minecraft Account-If you don't why are you reading this xD: nfell2009
    Battlefield 3 (Prefered as I would like to do some machinimas): Dont have this
    Team Fortress 2 (It's Free): Download like and I will look into it
    A Screen Capture Software: Camtasia, hypercam2
    A Google Account (So we can share gameplay): nicholasfell7640@gmail.com
  4. Mic: YEAH
    Steam: Nole972
    Origin: ?
    Skype : Nole972TheRealOne
    mc: Nole972
    Bf3 no has
    Tf2 : i has t
    Capture : getting hd pvr
    Google: getting 1 soon
  5. An Origin account is basicly like a Steam Account but for EA Games.
    (EA is very greedy)
  6. Mic: Yes
    Steam Account: FPSStimulus

    Origin Account: No
    Skype Account: fpsstimulus
    Minecraft Account - LOLdd.jpg
    Battlefield 3 - NOPE
    Team Fortress 2 - Mmmph!! MEDIC!!!!
    A Screen Capture Software - Getting a new one
    A Google Account - Again,

  7. Ea is shtoopid
  8. You just started a
    BOOM.jpg war (I'm neutral by the way :3)
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  9. your youtube account is stupid
    let the hate roll in
  10. Woah.png
    And att least I have one that has videos and views....
    IF you're trying to shut down my Youtube or troll me, please try harder next time ok?
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  11. i dont have an account tho
  12. Mic (For Let's Plays and Commentaries) Gigaware mics ftw!
    Steam Account DOTD1997
    Origin Account ???
    Skype Account Jamez-teh-yeti-cat
    Minecraft Account-If you don't why are you reading this xD DOTD1997
    Battlefield 3 (Prefered as I would like to do some machinimas) Oh yeah, bf3 ftw
    Team Fortress 2 (It's Free) nope, i dislike that
    A Screen Capture Software I can redownload mine
    A Google Account (So we can share gameplay) scourgethefallen@gmail.com
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  13. hmm count me in
    Mic Turtle Beach P11's
    Steam Account Working on it
    Origin Account NOPE
    Skype Account waffledude007
    Minecraft Account- hmm I wonder
    Battefield How about no
    Team Fortress 2 workin on it
    A Screen Capture Software Camtasia and Camstudio
    A Google Account awesomecolin527@gmail.com
    Capture card for TV: Roxio Game Capture and Dazzle DVC 110

    Sadly I have a life and a popular YouTube

    I need a new computer tho. getting a job and finishing IRL things so i can do that
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  14. i like this application. my favorite from all the ones sent in, ( and all teh future ones ) plus i know this waffle ;)
  15. thanks Dylan, its good to have a life sometimes tho. makes your personality awesome which results to better YouTube videos ;). I also love to flip out at some things to make videos interesting :)
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  16. BTW I was joking about not having a life.
    But I kinda don't have a life xD
    Well I might
    Do PS3 friends count? If so I got friends world wide

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  17. PS3: Ep-ppo
    Also cant we team up :(
  18. DOT and Wafflez, Team? First thing we should play Gary's Mod!!!
  19. How do you have BF3 and not an Origin account?