Looking for a DSLR with lenses for under $700

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  1. As the title says, I am looking for a DSLR with lenses for under $700. I don't have any specific requirements, but for the most part I am going to be filming inside.
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  2. Get something like a Pentax k20d off ebay with the kit lens, you'll have about $400 to spare for another lens and you'll get your feet wet with an awesome, pro level, albeit slightly aging camera.

    I'd personally much rather have an old high level camera rather than a new beginner level camera. My first dslr was a Pentax k10d, which is the older version of the k20d, which was also still pretty old at the time. I got lots of great photos with that camera, really great for learning photography.

    edit: erm, I didn't see the "filming" part. In that case I dunno, I guess you could try some sort of canon body compatible with magic lantern if you're adventurous :p
  3. You really can't go wrong with anything actually, so basically go with whatever jumps out at you I guess. If you start getting into it you'll know what you want to move to later.

    PS: a really good place to get used cameras is KEH, really good reputation and prices.
  4. Sorry to jump in with a late reply. It comes down to preference, ask in camera shops, look around and get a feel for them. All I would suggest is going for a renowned brand like Canon or Nikon. I would always say Nikon out of the two but, it's personal, but people argue Canon is better for shooting video. Another thing is not to automatically gravitate to high megapixel count. And to top it off, the lens is probably going to affect your video more than the camera body (assuming that the body isn't a potato) so go for a better lens over the two. Prime lenses are quite good for video (of course depending on what you're doing) but take more thought setting up.
    Sorry again for the 20 day late response...
    I hope I either helped in the slightest or that you have already found the camera for you.
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  5. I decided to order the Canon T5i, after seeing some photos it took.
    Including this:

    And this:

    I also saw a short film it took and was impressed.
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  6. Glad you've found one you like.
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  7. By the way, for anyone wondering, I probably am going to do a Matherox's Photography :)
  8. I'm kinda thinking about doing some photography posts, you think I should? And i look forward to seeing your photos!
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  9. I'd like to see photos you've taken

    And thanks :)
  10. Nikon rules.
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