looking for a diamond eff IV unbreaking IV pick

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by brandop123, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. i will pay the price you want if i think it is reasonible.
  2. Is eff III unbreaking III fortune II alright?
  3. what would u want for it?
  4. Its in an auction atm. I think its at around 6k. But i've seen others go for 10k+
  5. i dont want in auction.i jsut want a strait deal.
  6. umm idk bout that,i just got a eff III unbreaking III for 1k
  7. Wow I'll buy it off you for 2500r?
  8. sure never been used
  9. go to 6684 on smp3
  10. Oh I'm not on now I will be tomorrow morning)
  11. why not just go on quickly
  12. Nahhh, look at your pm's I sent you one.)
  13. i still didnt get it
  14. Hey i have a unbreak III and eff III
  15. i have 2 of those,now i want an uograde:)
  16. I wanna buy one! :O