Looking for a damaged god bow at half or more left Price 10k-20k

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  1. Buying: Lucky/God Bow-damaged 1/2 or more health left
    Price: 10k-20k
  2. f3+h and look at item in inventory to see the damage:):)
  3. I have a full durability god bow if you want... what's your offer?
  4. idk i kinda wanna go cheap thats why i asked for half health The most i will spend is 20k
  5. I can sell it for 20k.
  6. I craft regular god bows for 10k, including custom name with colors.
  7. Lucky/God Bow? Not sure what you're really looking for, but I sell unused EMC promo Lucky Bows for 27k and Flame II god bows (Flame II, Power V, Infinity I, Punch II, Unbreaking III) for 9,450r at 18721.
  8. Good deal
  9. i pay and you mail?
  10. I'll mail if/when you pay me.