[Looking For] A CUSTOM made 2560x1080 Wallpaper

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  1. So for this merry ole' christmas I bought myself a new monitor with a pixel res of 2560x1080^^^
    I am looking for someone who could make me a sweet wallpaper of the said resolution. What kind of style(s) I am looking for:
    8bit landscaping
    Awesome nature thingies xD
    Open for whatever you guys want to throw at me

    Prizes (because what's the sense of doing something if there isn't something you are getting out of it...)
    Each person who sends in a legitimate (not just copy and paste off of google because I can reverse look it up) submission before January 1st will get an equal percentage of 15k Rupees and if I do pick one or more of the submissions I will give another portion of 15k to them.

    If you guys want to submit something please send me an IMGUR.com link in a private message.