[Looking for] A builder.

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Guilll, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Hello EMC,
    I am looking for a builder who will (find a fortress) build a wither skelly farm, that I will intend to make it for the public, I have a low-ish budget, I will pay 100k + building supplies (up to 60k I guess!)
    so yea please PM or write here to apply. I have no real deadline but it needs to be up and working in 1.11 :)
    - Guill
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  2. 100k is low if you want a good farm since you'll have to dig out the area around the farm. I've seen people offer 1mill+ to have just the area dug out.
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  3. Yah what witherdoggie said lol
  4. Geesh I don't have 1 mil, and I plan on making it a public farm, IDK I could have it private for a bit and pay the rest off in heads.
  5. Even if it's public you aren't going to get it done cheap. You may be able to recruit a team of players to help. I've got experience with wither farms, but I'm in break for a while still so I can't do any in-game help.
  6. hmm, ok when will you be returning? :p
  7. Originally I had planned to return on my birthday which is in late October, but things have delayed that. As of now I have no return date set.
  8. ok :p