Looking For A Builder

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  1. Looking For a Experienced Builder

    I am looking for an experienced who can build me a new house. The builder will get paid 30,000 Rupees [30K] but first, I need to see one of your projects that you have built. If I like the project, you can be my builder! Private Message me if you would like to be my builder.
  2. I got my own experiences building builds that look like i have experience building. Though I wouldn't hire me. I'll eat all the food in your fridge and I won't flush the toilet cause if it's Yellow let it Mellow.
  3. Lol xD
  4. I can design you a nice house if provided the resources. I'm experienced, but no expert.
  5. Give me an example of one of your projects
  6. Build Hired!
  7. I have hired a builder
  8. Waiting to close thread
  9. As this is Gamemaster's thread, he will need to report it to be closed.
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  10. I can build for you aa well if uou need it!