Looking for a builder!

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  1. Hello!

    I need a builder for a mega mall. My budget is around 150k but I can go higher if needed.

    Please either reply or PM me using this form:

    1) Age on EMC:
    2) Estimated price:
    3) Previous builds (imgur album, res numbers etc):
    4) Do you have any basic designs for the build?:

    I will hire the person when I see fit. Please note that I don't care if it's just you or if you have a whole build team. You can also hire people with the money provided.

    I expect you to supply materials but can supply materials such as wool, stone and logs. If my price is not right for what I need please tell me.

    My time frame is ASAP but I do have considerations that Christmas is approaching and you may be busy. If you're going to be too busy then please don't apply as I need it started ASAP.

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