looking for a build team

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  1. hey guys title pretty much says it all:
    to apply just send me a Pm with this info
    How Frequent Your On MC:
    Favorite Build Style:
    A Picture Of One Of Your Works:
  2. Ing...? That confuses me :/
  3. I think he means in game name.
    What is this build team for?
  4. Yup probably a typo meaning ign :p
  5. only one reason someone needs pmed info for a build team, and that is they are starting a server of their own and need help building
  6. Or, you know, maybe they are just looking for good builders to make epic builds for the community to enjoy, or something crazy like that.
  7. A little more info would be nice...
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  8. IGN: Jay2a.
    Timezone: Pacific.
    How Frequent Your On MC: All the time.
    Favorite Build Style: Sandstone and nether brick.
    A Picture Of One Of Your Works: https://i.imgur.com/ySq2m.png
  9. Not a typo means in game name
  10. He obviously edited it
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  11. So does this mean you guys are finally going to get around to building stuff you've wanted to build for months? :) lol too many projects. (pot calling kettle black)
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  12. Ohhhhhhh that makes sense xD
  13. Ok... so i really didnt want to go public with this until it was done but, I want to get a build team together to finish building my spleef arena... I wanted to then leave the project in name of everyone that was a loyal member to EMC that has moved on, This build would also be my last on EMC for, when it is done, I will be leaving too.
    Once the Arena is done i would hold a last party, and then leave it for you guys the community to hopefully use and take care of
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  14. Wow thats kinda sad. :( Why are you leaving EMC?
  15. Nooooooooo=-(.
  16. Kinda unhappy with some stuff that has happened both with the staff and with some stuff in game. And i want to start on some different stuff in MC
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  17. bump I will be more inactive too after this but I wont quit yet :p