Looking for a artist / designer

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  1. We are looking for a talented professional graphic designer for EMC. The duties would be making things for the site. Designing some assets for some planned future updates. As well as creating advertisements for MC sites we advertise on. If you are interested please private message me (click on my name and then select start a conversation) a link to your portfolio or previous work. Thanks!
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  2. I can, if you want scribbles on Paint! :D
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  3. damm this was old :p
    Anyways, you guys still need someone?
  4. Straight Up G.jpg lead-212.jpg Graffiti.png GKDuck.png I can do it I have made several pics for people on the site

    But it will say other things
  5. Just made this one
  6. Some of everything C4D Photoshop Flixr Gimp even paint for some minor editing
  7. Lol PS + Gimp was an awesome combination xD
    Nice work there bro :)