Looking for a 3+ mob spawner

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  1. Im looking for mob spawners that are close enough to make a grinder. There has to be 3 or more Skeleton or Zombie spawners. i dont want anything spider. Please post what you have in this thread, then i will PM you to see the more specific details, like distance between and distance from spawn.

  2. Also, in the PM we will discuss payment
  3. What's wrong with spider spawns?
  4. Too hard to deal with making into an easy grinder
  5. I don't know how, but suit yourself friend.
  6. I need drop traps, and those are difficult with spiders. They are always climbing up walls too. I need the mobs to fit in a 1x1 hole
  7. i post a thread.. just about everyday.. or ask someone..if they know were one is at and that i will pay top dollar for them.. i never get any responses.. -_- Sigh.. Good luck :(
  8. i can sell you a quad spawner
  9. Of what? what mobs?
  10. prolly spider lol
  11. i just posted a thread, go look:)
  12. i saw.. you should buy it jk ! :D
  13. jk...pppsssshhhhh quad spawners are so hard to get! You should get it
  14. This thread is useless now. Im sorry to bump it, but i dont want someone else bumping it tommorow only to be let down
  15. I have a dual blaze spawners PM me with your offer if you are interested :)
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