looking for 2 mob spawners next to each other

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  1. i would like to pay some 1 to tell me where 2 mob spawners (zombie or skeleton) are at. if possible would like it to be not very well known i have found a few that are just 1 spawner but would like to get xp faster if possible using 2 mob spawners will pay and we can work out a deal. if ur interested post saying so
  2. I have 2, but I'll have to ask my partner in 'crime' if we want to reveal our hidden base...where we are is completely untouched except by us building :p there are two skeleton spawners and 3
    Spider spawners, all within at least 100 blocks
  3. Dude you need to use blaze spawners if your looking for real xp
  4. Jacko, having 2 blaze spawners come within 160 blocks (10 chunks) of eachother naturally is 0.00128634%, yes, I did the math.
  5. Whats the math equal? Lol I have 2 blaze spawners within that range :)
  6. Of no help to you but, I have two blaze spawners within 16 blocks of each other. I am a nether noob. These are the first blaze spawners I have ever encountered. Is this not common?
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  7. Well, ok, I havent counted the blocks, but im almost dead sure its less than 160. It takes me about 10 seconds to get from each spawner :p
  8. Well, the main reason this has occurred @borh of you, is random nether portal placed closely together throughout the overworked and the nether that bounce you all sorts of places
  9. Ehhem... We just pwned math ;D
  10. i was think 2 spawners within 20 blocks of each other so that u could go afk with both spawners active at once while they drop 22 blocks so they keep spawning
  11. Ya I deff have 2 spawners within 25, but not 20. They're 23 blocks apart
  12. yea just sold a diamond silk touch pick and i have found 2 cave spider spawners 1 block away from each other put they are a pain to deal with and climb which makes it very annoying also found a cave spider spawner and a regular spawner like 10 blocks away
  13. ok if u asked ur partner i'd be grateful but i understand if u guys don't feel comfortable with it.
  14. i think the craziest thing ive seen is 3 cave spider spawners all withing 12-15blocks of each other a skelly near by and its surrounded by slime chunks mmm xp farms are awesome
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  15. Wait...................THERE ARE BLAZE SPAWNERS!?!!
  16. yes in the nether fortresses
  17. If that's on SMP2 then I know where you are :)
  18. ahhhh my spawner just got griefed wildernes is so annoying with the amount of griefers
  19. Just look for a blaze spawner. Experience of these delicious spawners: Level 50 in under an hour and a half :p