[Looking For] 1.9 friendly efficient squid farm design

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  1. Hey EMC, I don't know if this is the correct forum to ask for this, but i'm looking for an efficient 1.9 squid farm design that will work on EMC. All responses are appreciated :)
  2. Pete, our guardian farm also produces squids at a fairly large rate...
  3. I would make a guardian farm as they will kill nearby squids too.
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  4. You can make a guardian farm but tune it to produce more ink.
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  5. I know that guardian farms produce ink but, i'm looking for a squid specific farm that will produce a lot of ink. Guardian farms don't produce much ink for the size that they are, but thank you all for the responses so far :)

    Our guardian farm isn't done yet though :confused:, how can you tell?
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  6. Because I had a guardian farm that produced a DC of ink over a few hours
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  7. Emc squid farms don't normally produce well in general. You can attempt to build a giant water or lava one, it's not usually worth it though. I put a layer of hoppers under a water temple and get a ton of ink. No need to remove water, just the structure.
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  8. That's what I thought, but mostly guardians are lazy and just rest on the floor instead of killing squid, so I've added a system to remove them.
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  9. On EMC?
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  10. I think you could also afk at level 110 and the lazy ones should despawn. I'm not positive though.
  11. Yep, still semi-intact if you get your alt on tonight I can show you it. It got griefed hard