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  1. Hello Citizens Of The Arch Of EMC,

    Today I bring to you a request, I have been searching over two years for a glorious dragon egg. If you own a dragon egg and are willing to let this marvelous possession go, Send me a private conversation. I am willing to trade promos for this glorious item/Pay cash. Cheers and have a great day.

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    - Chancellor Vizsco
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  2. To clarify, this is a non-original dragon egg?
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  3. I talked to him about my Dragon Egg earlier and mine is a non-original (normal), so yes, he's looking for a non-original :)
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  4. Indeed, I am looking for a plain normal dragon egg. I think an original dragon egg is a little pricey for my taste.

    I am looking for a non-orignal egg, That is right.
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  5. Did you ask some of the original egg owners?

    AC, Faithcaster...?
  6. i spoke to ac a while back and he sad he wasnt looking to sell, he might have changed his mind tho
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  8. He stated that he can also pay rupees
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  9. How much would you buy it for?