Looking dimond helmet with Respiration III

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  1. I wanted to do some underwater mineing and this would help.
    I will pay up to 1000r and would be glad to help with any progects you have planed
  2. i also need one but i dont need resp 3 just regular respiration i wanted to start a magor mining progect so pm me if u have one for sale and tell me price
  3. I have a fire prot IV and resp III ill sell for 1k r
  4. I just need resp III
  5. so, u will pay 1000r for a resp III, but not for a resp III AND fire prot IV? I dont get it
  6. i will pay 1k for that
  7. I just do nt see the need for fire prot on your face and I saw you were selling a helmet with just resp III and thout no one would want it
  8. k, when do u wanna pick it up?
  9. probally on friday
  10. Is friday good?
  11. Yeah I have two of em. ill see if I will be able to get on friday
  12. alright sweet thats probally when i can get on for like an hour or so
  13. Ok then! what server are you on
  14. yeah im on smp5 11456
  15. I'm on Smp4
  16. im on smp2
  17. can u deliver it mi casa en 11456 por favor
  18. I will come pick it up
  19. Imma make a shop sign in my shop tomorrow night before I goto bed. cause I may not be able to get on. I will pm u guys with details
  20. ok thanks!