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  1. Hello Community,

    The Tah Community has made a decision to hire a builder to build the very first SirTah Memorial Museum. We are looking for a builder who is able to build a cottage/mansion feel museum. We are looking for the building to be a museum for our promos and more. We demand that the mansion isn't all museum rather a museum incorporated in the many rooms of the mansion. Something similar to this and this. We would appreciate the building to be around 40*40 and about 4-8 Stories. One thing we insist on is that the mansion has a teleport room to the different sections. We would like the mansion to have nicely made display cases. We hope this isn't a challenge for a talented builder. PM me if you are interested.

    -Tah Community
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  2. The thing I don't comprehend is why people are liking my post but yet I haven't gotten a PM. Am I missing something?
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  3. one thing about the dimensions you mention... 40*40 with 4-8 stories...with each story having to be at least 5, but probably incorporating 6-7 blocks your going to have a cube at best or a very tall building which is contradictory to the image samples you provided. To do anything at all that is "like" those in any way (shape and form) your going to need to allow for a much larger area, 120*80 would likely be better.

    Just adding some thoughts to help, unless you can revise your wants to a cube or tall building style instead?
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  4. Thanks for your reply, But those dimensions were given for an example. We don't really want a 40 block square. We would like something along those dimensions but of-course with depth etc. Like a normal mansion/museum would be.
  5. I might be interested...
  6. Ill do it, but it will be slow, and what is the payment?
  7. The payment is decided at the end, it's fine if slow but now too slow. Send me a pm for further information
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