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  1. Builder!!
    Hello, I (Tahitan) have been looking for a builder quite some time now. I would love a builder who is good/fairly at Redstone and modern/medieval builds. I would like a fully functional build done which can include a small shop, auto sorter, small drop party arena, teleportation hub and more. (Add me to a private conversation and more information will be given.) Payment will be discussed.
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  2. BUMP, My alt FunMart and I are in need of this build to have a success on EMC :D
  3. Id love to help you, but sadly my hands are tied down with the event build. If i get some spare time and if you would like my help, id definitely like to come help. I just dint know when exactly that would be :/ Also, i did not know funmart was your alt lol now ik it was you saying hi :p
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  4. Thank you DatzMine
  5. More Information:

    Due Date: 23rd December
    Payment: Promos/50k-150k+

    *Note: Please pm me and share with me your builds you have done,
  6. Just going to point out, that is a very short deadline, to make a build.... :)
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  7. If the deadline is to short I can always increase it