lookin for buds on ps3 bf3/general talk bout ps3 games

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do u like cod or bf3 better

cod 2 vote(s) 66.7%
bf3 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. ok first of huge arguement everywhere bout xboxes being better.... their not
    ps3's in my opinion are better. second i do not play cod often if i do i play black ops cuz mw3 sucks
    (im gonna get bad feedback for syin tht XD ) nut anyway i am 14 so if ur som 40 yearold who thinks im too young leave this thread now. i play bf3 on ps3 about everyday i am a colonel lvl 1. my psn name is still craneman5 i xcept all friend requests i get idc who im friends with unless ur off for months at a time. in ur post tell me ur fave guns (for all classes) ur best gun and ur best class.
    i will make my post first cuz im runnin out o room to type here XD. o and dont forget to like this post.
    o it xpands odd um anyway if u hav anyother games u rly like to play put it on a post and pursuade me to buy it...lol
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  2. um so my best class is assualt i just got the assualt serverice star 2 i like the kh2002 ( achived my coop ) or the m16
    next best is engineer workin on 2nd service pretty close best gun is m4a1
    next is support (lol im goin in order tht they on screen) also workin on 2nd service best gun m60e4 and (hehe c4 )
    last is recon workin on the us and russian aquired svd and mk11mod1 best gun.... havnt rly found one tht fits me yet
    best shotgun is the dao12 (the usas sucks u noobs ) and best pdw is the mp7 (another coop gun )
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  3. whats BF3?
  4. bf3 stands for battlefeild3
  5. oh lol
  6. Translate please... Also, once again, asking for likes is against the rules, and you are under age, but lets not start flame war over that.
  7. Hey I have BF3 for PC and PS3 but I haven't gone online in months (LOL TOO MUCH MINECRAFT)