Look who it is! Is that a wild truffle?

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  1. Hey guys! Just stopping by! I'm playing a lot of MTG instead of MC nowadays, but I love you all so much <4 <4 <4 (you smp2 guys will get it. Maybe). So, hi! I'll add more contact info below:

    Steam: thetrufflehunter
    Email: Thetrufflehunterz@gmail.com
    Dragoncave (is that still a thing here?): Thetrufflehunter
    iMTG: thetrufflehunter
    iFunny: thetrufflehunter
    Skype: thetrufflehunter (there may be a "z" on the end, I don't remember)
    There may be a pattern ;)

    So. PM me, chat with me, add me on Google plus so I can talk with you easier!


    Now I apologize for the caps
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  3. nu nu nu
    nu google plus
    google plus bad.

    btw, you're talking about Magic the Gathering, right...? :D
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  4. @fluff caps are no problem :D

    @Choong what do you have against G+? And yes, MTG=Magic the gathering.
  5. but what if someone doesn't have anything that you have listed there? (sad face)
  6. Oh come now, you must have an email! List some social media doodads you have, and I can see if I have them or want to get them.
  7. Ooooh! Sweet! I got 2 achievements! Now how the heck do I view them?
  8. ...Tap 2 white and 4 colorless and play Akroma's Vengeance.. :p
  9. skype, kik, even twitter has pm's lol
    i just don't use email.. too slow xD
  10. A fellow MTG player? Now why would I want to blow up all of everyone's stuff...?
  11. YUS :D
    Your back :DDD
  12. Thats why I use google+. Its basically texting.
  13. i no has that *cries
  14. No be sad. Do you have a gmail/ever intend to get one?
  15. i have gmail, i just hardly use it xD
    i'll see what i can do.
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  16. Cool. The app is completely unrelated to the Gmail client, although there is a little window in the client if you so wish.
  17. i added you on skypez. :)
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  18. Cool. I don't use that client very much, as I don't get to communicate through the computer usually, and I'm too cheap to buy the app :p Thats why I use G+.
  19. Just started following you...lol
    1. Skype is free on computer and phone
    2. Yes dragoncave is still a thing (At least it is to me)