Look what the Leprechaun's Cousin left behind!

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  1. As Aikar and Krysyy were flying around the Empire looking for baddies, they noticed the cousin of the leprechaun they had robbed earlier, but this one had diamonds! They proceeded to become invisible and follow the unsuspecting leprechaun back to his home inside the crippling economy of SMP3. Once the leprechaun was distracted, Aikar and Krysyy stole the pot of diamonds and brought it back to Aikar's secret outpost in the wilderness and began analyzing the components of the amazing piece of machinery.

    Once they had replicated the Pot of Diamonds, they realized a bit too late what they had created. Unlike the first Leprechaun's pot, this one gave a full stack of diamonds instead of the few golden nuggets. Realizing this, they released the Pot of Gold instead, keeping the Diamonds for themselves, or so they thought.

    A few days later Nccoryg was roaming around Krysyy's home when he found the pots of diamonds, knowing such an item would destroy the economy of EMC he quickly took steps to destroy the item. Below is a picture of the mysterious pot moments before it was destroyed.

  2. Ive never seen a pot of diamonds before.
  3. Hopefully you never will, if I can get a hold of Aikar's copy...
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  4. I'm sorry about my cousin. He's very different from the rest of us. He likes diamonds, we like gold.
  5. You are forgiven. Your cousin almost destroyed our economy!
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  6. Such troll...such wow...
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  7. Such Kryssy....Such serious
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