Look out for these griefers.

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  1. Recently, I've seen a couple of places in SMP3 get griefed in the wild. They seem to do a good job of clearing out chests and making the place unlivable. They also always leave this cobblestone marking that looks like a Je (J combined with an e). What I don't get is why he, she, or they are doing it right before the reset:p Oh well. Just wanted to tell people to look out for them.
  2. You have a J and a e in your name.
  3. you and i both have e's in our names silly, does that mean we helped? no :p
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  4. I know. 1) If I was the griefer, would I really be dumb enough to use my first two letters of my name? and 2) I also wouldn't post a thread about it:p I just went to this really nice castle type place in the wild and it was there. With lava everywhere. I took a picture. And it actually looks more like a t now that I think about it. I could post a picture if you'd like.
  5. If you made the thread it'd throw suspicion off of you.
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  6. or pull it onto him, as it did with you :)
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  7. She is an AI.. She might see through my disguise..
  8. I've done things like this in real life to troll people. They were successful.
  9. Except for the fact that I have only been on minecraft for a few minutes for the last few weeks or so.
  10. Heres the picture of it. It actually does look more like a t. I was talking to the person who made this (his name escapes me), and he said it wasn't even a big deal, since he already had his stuff packed up from there. So I think it was a fail on the griefers for wasting their time :p

  11. Regardless of the suspicion I have of you in particular jlopez24, I am not going to accuse you of having any part in this.

    My concern is what texture pack is that you are using. :) I want to check it out for myself. It looks like something I would enjoy playing with. It reminds me of Mario Bros. for Nintendo Entertainment System.. :)
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  12. Haha. True from that angle it does look like a JL :p

    So mister JLopez, we discover your secret identity :D
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  13. It's called "oCd". It's by disco. He's a really popular youtuber. It makes everything REALLY simple and clean. I'm obsessed with it, because it doesn't change the whole look of the game. You're right, it does kind of look Mario :p Here's a link if you want to check it out. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/582711-16x123-ocd-pack-by-disco/

    You should also check out disco if you haven't already. He's amazing.
  14. You can now refer to me as "Master Griefer" ;)
  15. Thanks for that. I will do that after work today, before I leave for the Sleep Study at 2100. :)
    I enjoy the simple texture packs like Good Morning Craft for the slightly cartoonish upscale of the standard TP. It is better than redoing everything over the top... :)
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