Look at my res (:

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  1. Nice I like it
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  2. first thing i thought with my blurred vision: enderman taking a crap on a toilet XD then i rubbed my eyes and say that its an enderman plain and simple... thank god.
  3. looks kinda like an enderman plushie sitting on a shelf
  4. hahaha thats my house :( not a toilet
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  5. he is sitting on my house
  6. trust me, blurry eyes at night play tricks on you ;) other than that its really good! just dont let people see it with their glasses off ;)
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  7. omg u inspired me for my next prject
  8. oh god thats disgusting!!!!
    /tell tclementi1 so when will that enderman be ready? lol i want to see it so badly!
  9. I donno ill start this friday and hopefully done by sunday I
  10. so its an enderman on a toilet? lol
  11. yeahhhhhhh budyyyyy and im gonna make it flushh ohhhhhhhh