Longest Rail System in EMC

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  1. I have constructed an independent, continuous rail system which is 9,000 blocks long on SMP9. It took me days worth of work to complete. In the interest of conserving resources I only used one powered rail every 32 blocks so ride time is about 19 minutes one-way.

    I'm sure there are others which surpass that elsewhere and was curious, exactly how long is the longest independent minecart rail system in EMC?

    PS- If you're one of the handful of people who know the location of my rail, please keep it to yourself for now. If you're not, don't ask because I'm not telling until I'm ready for everyone to use it.
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  2. that rail is not long. I have one on smp6 that travels 46k. it goes to my base :D.
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  3. Like I said, I was sure there were others which were longer. I can't imagine the resources it took to build that. I hope you had a lot of help. I worked alone and it took forever.
  4. I built mine alone. Mainly due to the fact that i like my private. I also have couple hundred DC's of iron i used on it. i did run low on gold also.
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  5. It isn't a rail, but I could make an 80k rail via nether on SMP2.... Walking it is very very bad.
  6. I'm pretty persistent but I'm not sure if I would ever complete a project on that scale without at least a little help. I can deal with days or even weeks of applied effort but to do what you have done would take months for me given my real life work schedule. I think I would probably succumb to distraction before then. More power to you.

    Anybody else?