Long-time member looking for outpost to help build/live in and prosper

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Richard_Gecko, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Sup peeps!

    Some of you may remember me, for some of you i might be just one guy but i wanna give ya a bit of background

    Was one of the original owners of the ORIGINAL dragon eggs (2 to be exact), due to several disputes out of control i got permabanned (long story short, im back) And im looking for something to do while on EMC

    With the new explosion of Frontier Outposts im looking either for peeps to build one with me, or to join one already stablished.

    When "on the ball" im a great builder and love redstone contraptions as well.

    If you are interested on building one alongside with me, or have one and would like to have an extra member please contact me through this thread or in private.

    I currently live in smp5 and have 3 plots there (I own 3 accounts) but since i barely came back a while ago, and was waiting for 1.7 to come live i have almost to nothing built there. EDIT: Means im willing to move over if needed

    Thanks for your interest and time spent reading this post