Long Lost Wild Community

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  1. yes it is another wild community called TorchLight Outpost
    Owners: Nole972 and Tabre
    Where: Smp3
    This community has been around for a while but no one has ever joined so i decided to make another forum. It started like March 2012.
    Template (
    For What?:
    Have you been in any other outposts?:
    (What we need is are saplings pumpkin seeds and 2 of each animal (No Noah Jokes Please)
    I May Deny Some People So Its a 75/100 chance you will get in

    Griefers Will Be Banned On sight
    If Accepted Co-Ords will be in PM
    Coming Soon:
    Animal Farm
    Underground Fortress (Dedication To A Community Lost On Smp3 Only Jabrzer0 knows basically
    Grinders (Blaze)
  2. Name: Rman92011
    Why: what?
    Banned?: I got kicked once
    For What?: Language >.>
    Have you been in any other outposts?: A couple, Wintermoon and LLO
  3. Name: PRO_G4NGST4
    Why: Because wild communities are really fun
    Banned?: no
    For What?: no
    Have you been in any other outposts?: Yes, I semi-run the almost dead "ye olde watchtower" on smp4, and I'm also part of the Avalon wild community on smp4 as well.
  4. Accepted
  5. Bumpity Bumpity Bump
  6. Just found Skeleton spawner turning into grinder
    Pro Get Out here :p
  7. Gah, I'm in smp3 wild atm, 3k from spawn. I'll get my alt as soon as my brother helps me multi window.
  8. Name: MVPworldseries
    Why: i love joining communities cuz i like to contribute to them:p
    Banned?: No
    For What?: N/A
    Have you been in any other outposts?: Avalon and LLO