Lone Wolves

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  1. Ive decided to make a group Called "lone Wolves". This group is being made because its is going to be about Helping, Donating, and being respectful. This groups rules are.....
    1. Gender is 100% IRRELAVENT and people asking what gender someone is will be BANNED from the group
    2. We must be genorous and help others in the time of need.
    3. We do not EVER get in fights. If someone argues with a lone wolf we are imediattley wrong in order to prevent fights, arguments, etc.
    1. have a dispenser and pressure plat on your res. Whatever you do not want, instead of burning it, put it in the dispenser and someone else could use it.
    2. Do whatever you can to help the admins (answering noob questions giving out small donations so people dont spam "does anyone have blah de blah" over and over)
    3. Have being nice and respectful #1 priority
    4. use genarators so that you can give out some of the genarated item and then you can leave more resources in the wild for others.
    5. Have cheaper prices on your store so people buy more of your supplies and you will become better known
    Notes/misc. stuff
    We also suggest not EVER saying your race, gender, or anything that people might discriminate you for.
    How to join
    I will be inviting people via P.M. and if youd like to join P.M. me and give me 3 good reasons on why AND a way to help the EMC community. If you have suggestions or comments leave them below. DO NOT ask to be a lone wolf in this forum. I will post a list of lone wolves sometime soon.
  2. Sounds like a nice clan. Good luck.
  3. how do you P.M? i want to join!
  4. Incorrect the Red and Blue Wolves are in an extremely strong alliance. Before posting please have your facts straight.
  5. We have a alliance so strong that we are practically the same group. Please no more talk about this.
  6. I apoligize to the Red and Blue wolves. I did not realize that. The post has been modified.
  7. Also this does not say copy at all :p
  8. :p i thought of something that is alone and that sounds cool hence the Lone and Lone wolves sounds cool :p
  9. It is ok, im fine with your mistake. We did not make this anouncement public except for our group members(or at least i did).
  10. Also. The reason i made the mistake was, if your a team, why Are you Red wolves and Blue wolves. Why not just be one big team with the same name?
  11. I would like that however he does not.
  12. He wants power, there aee specific reasons there are two.different groups.
  13. Let's nor fight shall we?
  14. I thought you were sick fluff?????
  15. yes
    1- I will try to repair the wild the most I can.
    2- I will try to answer to all questions anyone has about the empire
    3- I will help anyone I can who has a problem even if everybody just ignores him/her
  16. What are the red and blue wolves?