lolz - Reality Gaming

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  1. That's hilarious!!

    Though I find reality to be the best, most immersive, and most challenging game I've ever played.

    I think the guy in that picture is doing it wrong, lol.
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  2. this "reality" game you speak of sounds boring
  3. is it available on steam?
  4. I would like to play minecraft on that :D
  5. no blocks? not interested...
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  6. Well me might not be using block there lol.
    Use SI unit instead XD
    Dig 10 kilogram of diamonds :D
  7. Not to take away from the humour of the original, which was well done, but...

    djyi3kek copy.jpg
  8. more blocks... intrigued.
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  9. lol
  10. It needs more bloom.