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  1. Traditional Chinese(Taiwan)
    "Box"? Just "Box"? :l Okay.. I can deal with that, I suppose.

    2012-01-14_14.05.55.png "CHESUTO"

    This cheating bastard of a language system. >:l

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  2. They translate their stuff into English badly, so we translate English badly into their language.
  3. The bad translation is only real apparent in sentences, as Japanese and Chinese has different sentence structures compared to Enlgish.

    But they didn't translate the Enilsgh in to these languages badly, actually. I'm just loling at how they Just used katakana for some of the names of the items in Japanese.

    Katakana is used for foreign names, but if some countryside Jap dude decided to play minecraft(You know, those guys.)
    And doesn't understand what chest is in Engilsh, he wouldn't know what it actually is even if he can read it.

    Not that it matters, since Englihs is obviously a international master race language and all.