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  1. I will steal all your likes. :mad:
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  2. Don't like this post.
    If you like it, you are a rebel and don't need no man, but at a cost of a like.
    If you don't like it, you keep your like, but at a cost of being submissive.
    Your choice.
  3. This is like all those great imgur posts that say "i'll never make it to front page" :p
  4. Must resist...liking....the cute..adorable..puppy o-o hhnnn
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  5. Very nice, bravo.
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  6. Congratulations! Your quest to obtain a single like has proved to be a monumental success! Not only that, but you have amassed exactly six likes at the time of this post, therefore surpassing your initial projections and further promulgating the belief that likes are very valuable!

    In short, nicely done. :p
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  7. image.png
    Aikar.... liked..... your post.....

    Aikar..... never likes....... anything........


    You were just bestowed one of the HIGHEST of honors........ and I envy you.......
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  8. No one likes my posts......
    Bet I can't get a hundred likes here!
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  9. Quick question why is your EMC website red? Not Orange?
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  10. At the very bottom of the page, there is a style selector with a range of color options. Orange is default.
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  11. This is spam. Don't make a whole thread just to show a funny picture, post it on the funny pictures thread or something. There are over 2,000 posts there what if each individual one was a thread?
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  12. I would consider spam to be something excessive. This is just one "tehe lololol" thread that clearly isn't causing any trouble. If a bunch of other threads start popping up, then they would be considered spam.
  13. It's just he's the same guy who shared the "Just Awesome!" frozen video, funny picture thread allows videos too..
    Just want to stop it before it spreads even farther.
  14. Wasn't that thread of his a few weeks ago? That, and Frozen is big enough on its own (in popularity) to be "worthy" of its own thread IMO.
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  15. My quest was to attain 2 or 3 likes to make it to 500