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  1. So in my time here in EMC, I have had to ban a couple of people from my res for different things. One person I gave permission to build something on my res and went to go collect some stuff in the wild and came back to find he decided to go explore my res and tear through rooms that I had sealed because of the machines being delicate and temperamental.. And the other one killed one of my dogs because of the glitch with tamed animals in 1.2.*, it teleported with me to a diamond sale.. <,<

    So, I did a lookup on them today while recording some of the stuff in my res and found out that they had both been banned.. :eek:... I started laughing..
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  2. *puts on tubuscus voice* thats a fail!
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  3. I love to make dogs and cats unsit :p
  4. I like to go through my ignore list ever week of so, and see how many people have been banned. It just makes me all giddy inside knowing people get what they deserve.