LoL (the game)

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  1. hey guys its me again
    just wondering how many of you are playing league of legends just asking coz i may do a video on monday have a nice day

  2. Creeper655 does play it. I will quote him then he can see the thread.
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  4. I play League <----
    I play Garen Warwick Fiddle Ashe and.... Others :D annie
  5. Wish I could play, unfortunately I have a Mac -.-
  6. i though it was the game of laugh out loud xD
  7. Maybe Try Dota? Thats exactly the same and may work
  8. I play LoL Teemo :3
  9. I used to play LoL, but then I took my PC running out of memory to the knee.
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  10. Eh, maybe. Although from

    lol seems great!
  11. league of legends actually
  12. me is a nunu pro
  13. sucks that i got it after u lost it (the game)
  14. i deleted my history essay to get it luckily my teacher plays lol so only gave me 1 detention
  15. You're dead to me a teemo stole my lane yesterday and i had to pair against graves and Fiora as garan solo bot
  16. xD I used to play Teemo But my friend now plays him so I'm Master Yi :)
  17. i've never heard of it
  18. ok
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  20. I play. Add me, Ninkatsui.